Board minutes expertly translated by LINGUA LEGIS.

Your internal corporate affairs handled with discretion.

Executive boards, supervisory boards and other governing bodies and committees meet regularly to discuss strategy. The boards of DAX companies and European institutions often comprise a diverse mix of nationalities.

This means that not only handouts and presentations need to be prepared in two or more languages, but also that the minutes often have to be translated as well. For example, the requirement for German stock corporations is as follows: On request, each member of the supervisory board must be provided with a copy of the minutes (section 107 (2) of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)).

Handling sensitive information requires discretion from a partner you can trust.

Minutes almost always contain highly sensitive details that are not just strictly confidential – they often classify as inside information too. They also document key resolutions adopted at executive or supervisory-board level, serving another key purpose as an official record.

The more sensitive the information they contain, the more important it is to have your minutes translated with the utmost discretion and in absolute confidence. Confidential translations like these need a partner you can really trust.

Translating your minutes:

Put your trust in our experience.

Over many years working with DAX-listed companies, we have built up considerable expertise in translating minutes. We know that confidentiality and a need-to-know approach are just as important as absolute linguistic precision and a feel for the nuances of corporate language and the linguistic conventions applied in minute-taking. 

Our security precautions such as secure data transfer guarantee that your minutes are only ever translated in a safe and protected environment.

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