We specialise in translating legal and financial texts. However, in many instances the texts we translate cannot be clearly categorised as either legal or financial. This means that the individual project teams have to take an interdisciplinary approach.


Many leading law firms rely on our legal translation services. As do international banks and financial institutions, commercial enterprises and regulatory authorities...


Global and listed companies, accounting and auditing firms and the entire financial community turn to LINGUA LEGIS for language services and specialist expertise...


When it comes to corporate publishing, companies with global operations are continually faced with the need for translations that don't read like translations...


Every translation assignment entrusted to LINGUA LEGIS receives our full attention and the benefit of our experience and know-how.

Linguistic competence

All LINGUA LEGIS translations are prepared by native speakers of the target language who have recognised qualifications as certified translators, bilingual legal professionals and/or financial experts...


LINGUA LEGIS uses the latest computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to produce top-quality, consistently worded translations. These tools allow us to work more efficiently, optimise processes and, much to our clients' satisfaction, help to keep translation costs down.