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Communicating your corporate policies clearly and consistently – in any language

Ensuring sound corporate governance and a streamlined organisation requires a framework of policies, guidelines, rules and regulations. Businesses and organisations are made up of diverse individuals and teams who work together to achieve corporate objectives. To give all employees the same sense of direction in their day-to-day work, it is important to lay down corporate tasks and values and provide clear standards for their conduct.

As such, all rights and duties are communicated clearly as do's and don'ts in the form of corporate governance policies. This creates an important binding framework for all employees and ensures that the corporate values can be observed internally and communicated externally.

For international businesses operating across borders, it is particularly important to ensure that all employees have the same understanding of these corporate governance policies, regardless of their cultural background or native language. For that, you need a first-rate translation you can rely on.

LINGUA LEGIS has the linguistic and subject-matter expertise that counts when it comes to translating corporate governance policies.

Businesses are constantly growing, and so is the framework they have in place to ensure sound management. As such, their corporate governance policies are subject to a constant cycle of review and revision. Our professional translators do not just guarantee linguistic precision and an affinity with the subject matter, they also have a feel for the finest nuances of your corporate language. You benefit from translation technology that tracks terminology preferences, meaning that each and every translation perfectly reflects your corporate language – all the more important as documents and texts evolve over time. We also take care to ensure consistency and coherency in translation and are happy to discuss any substantive or linguistic issues that crop up.

Avoid internal misunderstandings.

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