A high standard of quality requires:

Quality control

Every translation assignment entrusted to LINGUA LEGIS receives our full attention and the benefit of our experience and know-how. You can always expect to receive a top-quality product. We don't just rely on our expertise and state-of-the art technology to ensure that you receive a polished product. As an additional quality step which many service providers are increasingly skipping to cope with shorter deadlines and smaller budgets, we have created a system of checks that we apply to each text.

All translations are proofread line-by-line against the source text by another equally qualified translator. Editing is entrusted exclusively to professional translators, bilingual lawyers or financial experts who are native speakers of the target language.

We deviate from this principle only in exceptional cases where the subject matter makes this necessary.

Precision from A to Z

Professionalism, reliability, clear communication and perfect timing are critical to our work. We co-ordinate our workflow to suit your timeframe and your budget expectations.

At LINGUA LEGIS we know that the unforeseen can occur and that some jobs suddenly have to be done right away 

– in most such cases, we are able to react quickly to provide the flexibility that you need.

The quality and sophistication of our organisational processes are also evident in our ability to manage and edit moving documents and voluminous multilingual information drafted by several different authors.